About the author: The Secret Diet Book

Teddy Grandy is the author of “The Secret Diet Book”.  He is also the Author of many health related articles published on the web.

His diet program is very effective for reversing many types of digestive problems.  Acid reflux and acne were the main symptoms that motivated him to start researching diet in the year 2000.

His book is written from his own personal experience of his search for the answers to his minor health problems. It is the product of over 7 years of research, trial and error, and keeping a detailed food journal.

He has figured out how to reverse his acne, lose the last 20 pounds of fat on his body, increase his energy levels, and get rid of other minor health issues like gas, chronic upset stomach, chronic constipation, headaches, itchy skin, chronic fatigue, and chronic diarrhea.

He has fixed his health problems by changing his diet.

He is also a Certified Personal Trainer, by The National Academy of Sports Medicine.  He is also certified as “Fitness Nutrition Specialist” by NASM.

One woman even lost 60 pounds in only 20 weeks (without exercise) on his diet program.