Acne Elimination Secret Diet

Acne – Elimination type diet — EXACT STEPS

The best acne treatment is preventing and reversing this condition. The best way to eliminate acne is to go on an elimination type diet where you will record all of the foods that you eat and the condition of your skin for a period of a few weeks until you start to notice a clear pattern between the foods that you eat, and the effect they have on your skin.

Eventually you will have your own lists of foods that your specific body tolerates and which foods give you acne. I have compiled a list of foods that I suspect was causing my acne and have made a chart for you as a starting point. This chart is the result of me testing foods on myself for the last 7 years.

Once your skin clears you can then systematically re-introduce other foods not on the safe list and see which foods you can tolerate. Also record the location of the breakouts and the food that you suspect is the culprit.

Certain foods  make me break out in certain areas where other foods will make me break out in other areas. Record the foods you ate 2-3 days before the breakout, and the location of the breakout.

Peanuts make me breakout on my bicep by my elbow; ketchup, outer bicep; wheat, the outside crack of my nose; cheese, my upper outer leg; black pepper, inner upper leg; coffee, back and side of neck; eggs, directly below eyes; sour cream, close to temples; cayenne pepper, between eyebrows; cooked tomatoes, around lips; ground cumin (a spice in taco seasoning), back and shoulders; cilantro makes me itchy; wheat gives me headaches; cheese gives me constipation.

You should build your lists of good and bad foods like I did, but you should use my lists as a reference and a starting place.

Things to do to help stop new acne from forming are as follows:

1. Proper food combining plays a major role in acne and overall health. The skin is a reflection of your inner health. If you have acne you will also need to follow the rules listed below also.

2. Do not eat table salt. It makes me breakout. Only use un-iodized sea salt also try to cut way down on all salt because salt makes your skin retain water and this makes toxins get stuck on the way out.

3. Hydrogenated oils and gristle fats, and many oils that are in candy bars, cheese, and possibly other oils get stuck in the top layers of your skin. If you don’t eat healthy fats like extra virgin olive oil, (extra virgin olive oil is one of the few oils that are currently on my 100% safe list) then your body has to use what it has.

Your body will do what it can to keep your skin moisturized. It sends oil to your skin to keep it flexible. It has to use the fats that you eat to produce sebum (the oil on your skin).

Eliminate the bad fats and replace them with good fats. Soybean oil makes me breakout and they put it in almost everything (especially deep fried foods). I think this is due to a food intolerance or that the oil is just toxic to start with. I think many people have this reaction to these types of oils. Stick to extra virgin olive oil to start with.

4. Stop using acne cream. I know you’re probably like what? Instead go and get some “raw Organic cold pressed virgin coconut oil or olive oil” put this on your face at night or after a shower to seal in moisture. Keep it out of your eyes. It might burn your eyes. Acne creams dry out your skin and it is not good to use them long term. If you do you will look old before your time.

5. Stop drinking all artificial drinks. I know you are probably thinking of closing this book after reading that last sentence, but wait. How bad do you want to have clear skin? The artificial dyes are toxic and someone I know said that they always had diarrhea until they quit drinking sodas.

The sugars in them also feed yeast overgrowth that is a major factor in acne and many other health problems both major and minor. Sugar feeds cancer.

6. Drink a lot purified or spring water when you will be near the bathroom. The best time to drink a lot of water is in between meals. You don’t want to drink too much water with your meals because it dilutes your digestive fluids. Water helps to flush out toxins and will keep you from getting dehydrated.

7. Eat more fiber in the form of carrots, apples, and other foods that are on the best sources of fiber list. All foods need to be eaten in “good combinations.” Use the food combining charts.

8. Stop ketchup and mustard. It contains vinegar, which causes bumps on my arms. It also contains table salt.

9. Wheat products give me acne bumps in the crack of my nose if I eat a large dose of it. If I just eat a little then it might just make my skin flaky around my nose.

10. Garlic especially when cooked makes the end of my nose red all over, and if I eat a lot of cooked garlic or garlic powder, it will cause a tiny blood colored bump on the end of my nose. I still eat a little Raw garlic because it taste good. If I don’t eat any garlic, then of my nose turns back to the color as the rest of the skin on my face.

11. Too much Cayenne pepper also causes Acne and can cause your face to be red. Have you ever eaten some really hot hot sauce on Buffalo wings, and your face instantly turned red? This is because Cayenne pepper increases blood flow to the skin, and if there are a lot of toxins in the blood then there’s the chance that they might be eliminated through the skin.

Also your body might have a food intolerance to cayenne pepper and will treat it like a toxin and might eliminate it through the skin if your other channels of elimination are not working properly or not as fast as they should. If you are constipated, there is a greater chance that toxins will be eliminated through the skin instead of into the toilet.

12. Broccoli makes me break out on my leg and on my face. It is kind of like one of those cystic acne bumps.

13. Black pepper makes me break out on my inner upper legs. When I was working construction right out of high school, I was eating burgers and fries covered with table salt, Black pepper, and ketchup, eaten with a big cheeseburger.

I ate this kind of food every single day. I thought I had some kind of venereal disease. The bumps would just never go away. They were the painful type. A just kept on eating the foods that my body was allergic to.

I was also constipated from eating a heavily refined diet of honey buns, oatmeal cream pies, moon pies, and other convenience store foods, and all kinds of other junk foods made out of White flour. If you’re constipated and you’re eating foods that your body cannot tolerate, your body will eliminate the toxins through the skin because it has no other option.

14. The spice cumin (found in taco meat seasoning) makes me breakout on my back in cystic type acne. It is recommended that you temporarily eliminate all spices if possible for a two to three weeks, and then systematically re-introduce them if necessary, watching for which spices or foods are causing the bumps.

15. Drink Raw carrot juice. When I first started drinking carrot juice it made me breakout on my temples, but it was a good “temporary breakout”. It was just my body eliminating old stored toxins. The beta-carotene in the carrots enabled my body to “bind to the toxins” and then they were being eliminated through my skin.

After a couple breakouts from the carrot juice, the carrot juice didn’t keep causing future breakouts. This is a powerful substance. I give it much credit for rebuilding my skin. It has tons of beta-carotene, which is good for your liver. Your liver helps to neutralize toxins so you need it to be functioning well.

16. Peanut butter makes me breakout on my arm and causes constipation. Roasted nuts are very difficult for your body to digest.

17. Fix any constipation issues because breakouts can be caused from constipation.

18. Cooked tomatoes can cause little red Acne bumps in the crack of your mouth where your lips meet. Also they can cause Acne on or around your chin area.

19. Food preservatives and colorings can also cause acne. If you want to get serious about fixing your acne, you’ll probably want to start preparing most of your food so you know all the ingredients that are going into the meal.

It would be nice if there were restaurants that made eating a “clean diet” a convenient thing. Once you get the hang of preparing your foods yourself however, you will easily be able to bring your own food to work or wherever you go.

21. If you’re going to drink, Guinness is the only beer I recommend that I know of available in most grocery stores, because they put other poisons in most other beers. Also a lot of beers are made with wheat, and we can cause acne and headaches. Many people have a food and tolerance to wheat.

I am not recommending drinking but when I used to drink Guinness beer I think that it helped to dissolve toxins that were stuck in the skin. I would notice an effect the next day after a night of drinking them.

It could also be from the flushing the kidneys with a lot of liquid that was helping too. It could also be from the nutrients found in this black beer. It might also be from going to sleep without eating dinner (night fasting). I just know that it helped.

Also most beers will make my stomach burn and Guinness doesn’t if I eat the right food combinations earlier on in the day (like green beans, raw carrots, a little sea salt, and a tiny amount of olive oil) or no food at all.

Beer has carbohydrates slightly similar to sugars except that the yeast have already digested the sugars and turned them into alcohol. Alcohol absorbs straight through your stomach lining into your bloodstream, so it bypasses most of the digestive process.

It doesn’t go as good with starches because it interferes with starch digestion. It combines with salads made of neutral vegetables and oils pretty good. It also goes good with cooked or canned green beans.

Remember: I am not recommending drinking but the day after drinking a few or more Guinness beers I have noticed repeatedly that my skin is noticeably clearer, maybe it has to do with dehydration, flushing of the kidneys, or maybe it’s the naturally occurring b vitamins found in this dark beer. It kind of taste like coffee.

Remember, I’m not recommending drinking because it is very dangerous drug, and also physically addicting and can lead to other major health problems like cirrhosis of the liver and car accidents. I just want to mention here that if you do drink, that drinking Guinness beer, will probably not result in Acne.

Follow the rest of the dietary guidelines and healing tactics presented throughout this book

Just for reference– My acne diet evolution – I wrote this 3 years ago

These foods are probably OK to eat for eliminating acne but must be combined properly.

I was 95% vegetarian for 3 years strait, so now I recommend cutting down animal source foods or severely limiting their consumption if at all.

Safe foods list

Extra virgin olive oil

Russet potatoes

Low sodium tuna fish


Brazil nuts

Organic lean beef


Yellow squash


Green pole beans


Natural sea salted potato chips

Non iodized sea salt

Fresh Raw orange juice

Fresh Raw Apple juice

Fresh Raw grape juice

Vitamin C, 5 to 15 grams per day – do not eat with starches!!

I’m sure there are other foods but I haven’t tested them yet. If you are going to fry your food, use 1-2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil.

These are foods that probably caused symptoms of acne:

Whole wheat products




Corn chips


Iodized salt

Red pepper

Black pepper

Cayenne pepper

Soybean oil

Soy products

Soy protein

Soy beans





Dairy products


Chocolate bars



And there are many others that I have not tested yet.

Also any substance that enters your body such as medications can and do cause acne.

Disclaimer: but check with your doctor before discontinuing any medication!!!!!

Remember: It takes 2-4 days for a food to show up on your skin if you are “allergic” to it. I am 100% clear unless I am testing new foods.

When you follow the diet recommendations and healing tactics described throughout this book, your skin should stop breaking out and improving within 2-4 weeks.