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ingredients for the vegan milk

Vegan Milk Recipe

Taste better than Cow milk to me. Water and a small handful cashews and pecans and 3 or 4 majool dates and real vanilla extract. I left the cocoa out this time.

Blend well. No cows involved. There will be a layer of foam and fiber on top.. I use a straw to drink from the middle portion of the jar

Tofu Dish

Tofu Marinara Lettuce Meal

Marinara from a jar.. I put on the stove.. added extra virgin olive oil. Extra virgin Coconut oil. Garlic powder. Dried basil. Fresh green peppers. Fresh carrots. Frozen green beans. Pink salt… added extra firm tofu..

Then I made a dressing that tastes similar to blue cheese but it has no cheese.. the “cheese like” flavor comes from finely chopped sunflower seeds soaked in raw apple cider vinegar for a while.. 

Then I added regular mayo. Dill weed. Pink salt. Water. 

Then I squeezed some fresh lemons.. I put 4 ounces raw lemon juice and 6 ounces honey.. dissolved it in a pitcher of water and added ice.. REAL GOOD..

Then I took marinara concoction and put it on the super green ends of the lettuce while it was hot.. tasted like pasta but it was just lettuce..

Then I took the crispy part of the lettuce and dipped it in the dressing..

Chased it with some lemonade..

I like the combination and my stomach feels fine..

Good breakfast for me..