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A letter to a freind…

. . . . . . .. .

EGGS might not be the BEST source of CALORIES….

…people are addicted to SALT and FLAVOR and TEXTURE and SLOW BURNING CALORIES…

So.. i just been eating UNLIMITED AMOUNTS of raw almonds and pinks salt and olive oil and habanero and herbs..

and lots of yerba mate and ginko and guarana..






i think people eat eggs cause they just DONT KnOW WHAT ELSE TO EAT..

maybe we should make some videos of ALL THE GREAT VEGAN RECIPES..

i noticed my TASTEBUDS CHANGED..

i noticed my stomach is calm..

i noticed i feel SO MUCH BETTER BEING VEGAN..

and also i dont get GAS like i see people runnin around farting LOUD IN PUBLIC..

and either

MAYBE anyone that wants to see 120 years old pay attention to THE RAW VEGANS…?

I DO..



yes.. it is best to skip the eggs.. and all the farm products..


and its UNNESSESARY to eat animals..

and eating animals makes the MOST HUMANs get DISEASE eventually..

some get away with it..

but it is unnessesary..

and the FEELING of health and ENERGY i attain only comes WHEN i am VEGAN…


AND “THE STRICT RAW VEGAN” gives me the most energy..

my orange juice is cooked and pasteuruzed recently..

because i dont have the EXTRA MoNEY for raw..





MOST PEOPLE think they are somehow SMARTER than EINSTEIN..



also i am pretty sure in the past EGGS gave me acne..


its been a while.. i dont want to eat them..


no cravings for eggs.. so i eat almonds instead.. ha ha


peace and coconut grease.. ha ha






















get rid of acne

Get rid of acne – The Secret Diet Book


I like Yerba Mate Extract better than coffee but I drink both..

More and more research is starting to show that people that drink coffee compared to people that don’t are less likely to have type 2 diabetes and fewer cases of cancer..

. and less dementia and better heart rhythm..

Other than water, coffee is the most widely consumed liquid in the world….

Plants from which coffee beans are made are refined in more than 69 countries…

Most people drink it in the morning but I like to drink it all day constantly sometimes.

. have you ever wondered what happens to your body after you drink coffee

I can tell you that in the morning it’ll give you a little jolt to get you moving

You might be asking why

The reason why is that certain chemicals within the coffee can actually cross the blood-brain barrier

So this can get you wired up quick fast…

These chemicals block the activity of certain chemicals and neurotransmitters that makes us feel tired…

It also increases the transmission of dopamine, which elevates your mood or spirit and makes you more alert and aware of your surroundings

It also raises serotonin levels which give you energy while keeping you relaxed.

It also gives you better memory and protection against age related diseases.

It also protects you from your brain degenerating.

It also keeps you at a higher chance of not getting depression.

Coffee also boost your metabolism and also acts like a catalyst for burning body fat which is a constant steady source of energy.

Coffee also helps to protect your liver a little bit.

Within about 11 minutes it makes your blood pressure go up in your heart beat faster.

In about 22 minutes the coffee starts to find to the chemicals that make you tired and block them somehow..

Which in turn makes you feel not tired

In about 33 minutes your adrenal glands kick into high production mode and make more of adrenalin… SO I run quicker easier.. ha …

It might dilate your pupils a little bit but I don’t know for sure.. It can sharpen your vision for a little bit….

….. after about 44 minutes the body makes more serotonin which helps the functioning of neurons in your spinal cord

This gives you better muscle strength and coordination so you can put stuff together quicker. Like real faster.. ha ha

After about four hours your metabolism of your cells increases which makes the burning of energy easier

It can also increase your stomach acid a little bit.. fine as long as you are not EATING starch.. because the STARCH ENZYME is destroyed by acid…

After about 6 hours it produces the diuretic effect which is basically means that you could get dehydrated if ya not carefull.. diuretics make you go pee pee..

One way to avoid dehydration is to make sure you put enough pink salt on your food..

I put lots.. table salt is poision.. and sea salt might be radioactive from Fukishima.. so PINK SALT from the mountains.. it is alkaline too..

As you can see… coffee and other natural sources of caffeine have many benefits I sure don’t miss out on.. ha ha

The Food and Drug Administration probably wants to tell you to only take about 400 mg or less per day.. but I go by my own rules..

Anyway I’m going to mix some honey with this little cup

Peace and coconut Grease

Why Listen to Me?

Why might you listen to me you might ask?

Here are some Reasons.

I have already read and tried tons of eating patterns and diets, and have only found that parts of some of them actually work and are effective.

I never found a book that was complete enough to stop my skin from getting pimples.. i had to test every food to see which foods were causing the breakouts…

The routine i developed finally worked… and the side effect was that i lost almost all the fat on my body…..

until I wrote this book their was only scattered pieces of the acne puzzle…

Thos plan i developed integrates the most effective parts of all the tactics I have read that actually worked…


Like i could see it was working….

And I know that it works, because I have used it to keep my body almost anti aging.. and then i got super in shape by accident.. ha ha

…. it is not as hard as you might think… it is actually easier and tastier once ya know how to do it right…

And you don’t have to do it forever…

but chances are that you just might find that you really get a lot of PEACE OF MIND and enjoy the feeling of super great health.

One nice lady  lost 60 pounds in 20 weeks…

without exercise !!! Not even extra walkin or nothin… i only gave her 2 pieces of paper and talked to her on the phone a bit….

I even eliminated my acne with my info i discovered on my own….

and that is why I originally started my research…

It just so happened as a side effect of this super healthy diet.. that every other health issue I had disappeared along the way.

I have healed my body back to near perfect health without drugs at all..

I have put in hundreds and hundreds of hours reading and meditating on this stuff to figure it all out…

And I have the results to prove it. And it doesn’t require expensive “miracle supplements”.



I am a certified Personal Trainer by the National Academy of Sports medicine, and I am dedicating my life to helping people get in shape, and help them figure out how to heal their bodies if they are sick…

Only by eating the right foods that we are supposed to eat by nature…

…my book is not about exercise, it is about diet.

If you want to stay in healing mode, the foods you eat are way more important than exercise. But don’t get me wrong, exercise is good, but diet is more important. And also, exercise is not going to reverse acne and digestive problems, but proper diet will.

I believe in a Higher Power (I respect all religions) and I know that he/she/it wants us to tell the truth, and that is all you will hear from me. I have no agenda, except to tell you how I fixed all my health problems by changing my diet, so you can do the same by following my plan. I believe in helping each other instead of fighting each other.

I am interested in you and me. I have not sold out to big business. Most mainstream TV shows, news, websites and forums have “sold out” and have an agenda.

Turn it around

Do you know how fast you can turn your life around.

You can turn it around in a Split Second. Now that doesn’t mean you’re going to get results in a split second but you can turn it around in a split second.

What do you want to do with your life. Are you heading in the right direction. These are all questions that you want to ask yourself. What if you are a powerful Creator and you can have anything you want by thinking about it long enough. Well you are powerful Creator because it says so in certain scriptures.

If you want to Super naturally attract things into your life you need to think about them constantly.

Constantly thinking about something is the same thing is becoming obsessed with something.

Why would you want to risk not having something supernaturally come into your life.

Why would you want to risk not thinking about your goals continually?

What if thinking about your problems just attracts more problems? Why would you want to risk thinking about anything other than what you want to attract?

It’s not worth the chance or the risk to think of anything other than what you want.

Only think about what you want to attract.

If you want to attract wealth into your life think about wealth continuously.

Become obsessed with attracting wealth.

Become obsessed with attracting money.

Become obsessed with attracting the things that you want to bring into your life.

If you want to attract love into your life then continuously think about the love that you want to attract.

If you want to attract a car into your life go find a picture of that car and look at it continuously as much as you can.

Tape it on your dashboard of your car. Put up a picture of it on your refrigerator.

Photocopy it put the exact color of the car the exact picture that you want to attract your life and think about it constantly.

What do you have to lose?

What do you have to lose?

If it doesn’t work you have nothing to lose. If it doesn’t work then you just subtracted the car that you want into your life.

If you are a powerful Creator and you create the things that you think about why would you want to risk not thinking about the things that you want to attract into your life?

It’s not worth the risk. It’s just simply not worth it. What is worth it is thinking about what you want.

It’s almost like already having the thing if you think about it vividly enough.

If you think about something right before you go to sleep there’s a good chance you might dream about it.

If you want your dream car then you need to dream about it.

Lose weight without exercise easy

lose weight without exercise easy.

It is easy to lose weight without exercise and get in shape eating unlimited amounts of food.

These foods will be totally natural and will be combined in a fashion that will be digested properly.

If you tend to get acid reflux, this diet will fix that problem in as little as three days. If you want to improve your skin this site will also do that for you.

If you live in Hollywood Beverly Hills Santa Monica Los Angeles downtown the valley Burbank and are looking for Superior dietary information, download the secret diet book and the recipe on how to make fake chocolate cake.

I would just like to mention right now that this is transcribed through a voice recognition software which might make mistakes. So if you read something it doesn’t make sense then don’t take it literal.

To lose weight without exercise you need to go on a very specific diet. The secret diet book will give you all of that information about food combining and being alkaline and also improving your skin.

Wouldn’t you like to learn the easy way to lose weight and get in shape and super fit. My guess is that you do want to do that. What do you have to lose do you like to eat raw foods like carrots and lettuce and extra virgin olive oil and extra virgin coconut oil and almond flour and sea salt and get into super great shape

All you have to do to lose weight is download the secret diet book and start out by learning my recipe for fake chocolate cake Teddy Grandy.

If you would like all the top secret dietary information that I have been studying for the last 15 years simply download the secret diet book and get on the fast track toward improving your health and getting healthy.

You get to eat unlimited amounts of carrots lettuce olive oil sea salt dates fruits vegetables all the good stuff.

You get to drink carrot juice you get to drink wheatgrass juice you get to take vitamin C. You get to eat tons of great tasting Foods and simply eliminate a very small amount of the food pyramid that you have been accidentally following since you were five years old.

If you want to get super in shape and healthy and eat tons of extra great food in olive oil and sea salt and lettuce and learn about food combining and being alkaline by eating very specific foods that will make you alkaline.

You have found the right website I know some of this might not make exact sense but I don’t have time to edit all these pages to try to get the truth to the people that need it.

This voice recognition software will make some mistakes. Just know that you get to learn my secret recipe for fake chocolate cake by Teddy Grandy.

Fake chocolate cake is the recipe book for the secret diet book. Just look at the Articles listed on the secret diet book that say fakechocolatecakecom the sidebar have all of the links..

If you simply study the secret diet book website you will find lots of great information. How to get super in shape how to get ripped how to get healthy. How to get healthier than you already are how to eat unlimited amounts of food volume.

You get to eat unlimited amounts of food, you just need to eat a very specific list of these foods and eliminate a very specific list of..

Every effort has been made to scan and make sure that they these articles make sense but if you find an error then cross-reference it with another source. You will want to look into Google about food combining principles, how to alkaline food chart raw food vegetarian recipes, diet book, dietary information,, how to get healthy fast.

These are the key words you will be searching for do your own research on the side but reads all of my information first download the secret diet book and get on the fast track to getting healthy and super in shape.

So if you live in or Los Angeles or Beverly Hills or Santa Monica or Hollywood or the valley or downtown Los Angeles if you want to get in shape or if you want to get healthy or if you want to eat on limit amount of food or if you want to get alkaline or if you want to learn about food combining principles or if you want to fix acid reflux if you live anywhere in Los Angeles or Greater Los Angeles or even Long Beach or San Diego or San Francisco it doesn’t matter where you live you can learn this knowledge really fast by downloading the secret diet book and learning how to make fake chocolate cake.

Fake chocolate cake recipe is available on this website if you look at the link to the right. There is lots of health information on digestive chemistry. There’s lots of health information about acid reflux.

There are foods listed that will relieve constipation on this website.

Fake chocolate cake by Teddy Grandy

Lose weight for free. Looking for personal trainer? Are you looking for a Fitness Nutrition expert in Los Angeles or Santa Monica or Beverly Hills or Hollywood or the valley or Burbank.

Check out my other website

Chocolate cake recipe. I will list the ingredients again right here. Go and buy some medjool dates. Go and buy some coconut oil. Go and buy some raw coconut powder. Go and buy some sea salt. Go buy some honey.

Mix the raw coconut oil and the Honey together. Dump in some almond flour to keep it mixed together. Then put in the sea salt. Take some wax paper blend medjool dates in a food processor

On a piece of wax paper sprinkle some almond flour and then roll out the majoole dates. Pro layer of the frosting mixture in the middle. Try to roll it up so the frosting is in the middle like a spiral.

If you would like videos on how to make this recipe please leave a comment in the space below. Remember to check out Grandy

Chocolate cake fake recipe. The secret diet book. Teddy Grandy period fake chocolate cake vegan

do you want to lose weight the easy way eating tons of a vegan recipe that tastes just like chocolate cake but is made of oils that are stable and never rot.

If you only eat foods that do not rot, your body will get healthier. If you eat your foods and proper combinations so that there is not a digestive conflict you will be healthier and healthier. You will lose a lot of weight.

Your skin will get healthier. Your eyes will get clearer. You will have more energy.

Download the secret diet book now. The link is in the navigation bar.

Do you want to create your best version of yourself as fast as possible?

Energy and direction.

What does this mean? Well this is the magic formula for making your dreams become a reality.

First step is you want to create the vision of what you want.

Number 2: You want to write down a list of the steps that you can think of that are obvious to make this happen.

Number 3 is to get your energy up. You do this by eating the right Foods and the right Herbs & supplements.

These supplements are all natural and are based on natural caffeine sources, mainly coffees and teas and the like.

You should be able to find a link somewhere to “The Secret Yerba Mate Extract supplement” that I have been taking regularly for over 7 years.

Yerba Mate is like coffee but it is a lot better.

One thing I would like to mention here is that if you eat a lot of caffeine without having the right foods in your body, it could make you feel bad because you’re burning fat that is toxic instead of Superior foods as are the foods that are listed in my recipe book.

Stimulants get you focused. That’s why they give ritalin and aderal to young students… those drugs are synthetic, and unnessesary.

You always want to go the natural route…They are basically giving kids synthetic speed, which is not good…

You should also be able to find a link to make fake chocolate cake, which is the title of my new recipe , that is the companion to the secret diet book.

These two books will get your energy up by getting you on the right foods and giving youself the Raw building blocks to reverse your health and get your energy to a higher level.

Once your energy is up then you can start to focus on your direction. What do you want to do with your life.

If you could have anything what would it be. Please right now shut off the tape and make a quick list of 7 things that you would like to accomplish in the near future.

Now please choose the goal that you would like to have accomplished more than anything.

Now take that one goal and write 7 steps that are very obvious that you need to take that will get you on the right track.

I can tell you right now one of the fastest ways to get on the right track and make the fastest progress in the shortest amount of time is to get a mentor.

This mentor could be me. I will help you personally.

This mentor could be somebody that you know that is standing on the shoulders of giants with Superior information.

One thing I would like to mention is that it might be hard to find somebody who has the superior knowledge that I have.

I’m not saying that I’m the greatest in the world, it’s just that I’ve been studying truth and testing truth for the last 15 years.

While most people are watching fictional movies reading fictional books I’ve been in the library reading nonfiction books watching nonfiction programs watching nonfiction YouTube watching non fiction nonfiction nonfiction.