I like Yerba Mate Extract better than coffee but I drink both..

More and more research is starting to show that people that drink coffee compared to people that don’t are less likely to have type 2 diabetes and fewer cases of cancer..

. and less dementia and better heart rhythm..

Other than water, coffee is the most widely consumed liquid in the world….

Plants from which coffee beans are made are refined in more than 69 countries…

Most people drink it in the morning but I like to drink it all day constantly sometimes.

. have you ever wondered what happens to your body after you drink coffee

I can tell you that in the morning it’ll give you a little jolt to get you moving

You might be asking why

The reason why is that certain chemicals within the coffee can actually cross the blood-brain barrier

So this can get you wired up quick fast…

These chemicals block the activity of certain chemicals and neurotransmitters that makes us feel tired…

It also increases the transmission of dopamine, which elevates your mood or spirit and makes you more alert and aware of your surroundings

It also raises serotonin levels which give you energy while keeping you relaxed.

It also gives you better memory and protection against age related diseases.

It also protects you from your brain degenerating.

It also keeps you at a higher chance of not getting depression.

Coffee also boost your metabolism and also acts like a catalyst for burning body fat which is a constant steady source of energy.

Coffee also helps to protect your liver a little bit.

Within about 11 minutes it makes your blood pressure go up in your heart beat faster.

In about 22 minutes the coffee starts to find to the chemicals that make you tired and block them somehow..

Which in turn makes you feel not tired

In about 33 minutes your adrenal glands kick into high production mode and make more of adrenalin… SO I run quicker easier.. ha …

It might dilate your pupils a little bit but I don’t know for sure.. It can sharpen your vision for a little bit….

….. after about 44 minutes the body makes more serotonin which helps the functioning of neurons in your spinal cord

This gives you better muscle strength and coordination so you can put stuff together quicker. Like real faster.. ha ha

After about four hours your metabolism of your cells increases which makes the burning of energy easier

It can also increase your stomach acid a little bit.. fine as long as you are not EATING starch.. because the STARCH ENZYME is destroyed by acid…

After about 6 hours it produces the diuretic effect which is basically means that you could get dehydrated if ya not carefull.. diuretics make you go pee pee..

One way to avoid dehydration is to make sure you put enough pink salt on your food..

I put lots.. table salt is poision.. and sea salt might be radioactive from Fukishima.. so PINK SALT from the mountains.. it is alkaline too..

As you can see… coffee and other natural sources of caffeine have many benefits I sure don’t miss out on.. ha ha

The Food and Drug Administration probably wants to tell you to only take about 400 mg or less per day.. but I go by my own rules..

Anyway I’m going to mix some honey with this little cup

Peace and coconut Grease