Does Chocolate Cause Acne

Does Chocolate Cause Acne?

Everyone wants to know the answer to the question “Does Chocolate Cause Acne?”  Just the fact that you have found this article suggest that you already suspect that chocolate does cause acne.

Have you ever noticed that after eating a lot of chocolate bars you seem to break out on your forehead a couple of days later?

You see, I have been studying what makes me break out in acne for the last 13 years.  I have made a list of foods and substances that trigger acne outbreaks and pimples.

The thing that I know for myself is that I do breakout in acne from eating Chocolate Bars.  So if you ask ME “Does Chocolate Cause Acne?”  MY answer is “Yes it does for ME!”

If you suspect that chocolate causes your acne, then it probably does for you as well.

Now if you research the question “Does chocolate cause acne”, you will probably come across many articles addressing the question.

You have to understand that there are many “Ghost Writers” that work for the acne industry that don’t want you to figure out that it is the foods we eat that cause acne.

So the “Paid Writers” will pump out article after article to intercept your search for the truth. They have Keyword Tools to see what people with acne are searching for.

They know that thousands of people are typing in the question “does chocolate cause acne?”

Then the “Ghost Writer” (Paid Writer) will write article after article with the keywords “does chocolate cause acne”.

Most articles you read about chocolate and acne are written by the paid writers that work for the food and acne industries.  They don’t want you to know the truth about health and fitness.  They want you to buy their food and their acne treatment products.

That is the business they are in.  They are making a killing by killing you slowly.  If you were not sick then you will not buy their drugs.  I will tell you the truth.  The only way to get healthy is by eating the right foods and not eating the wrong foods.

There is no other way to fix the root cause of acne.

“Does Chocolate Cause Acne”

Why is this question so important.  It is because it goes to show that many people are asking google this question.  Why would so many people be asking this question unless they already had a hunch that it does.

If you look at most of the articles that are addressing the question of if chocolate causes acne, you will very quickly see that almost all of the articles about chocolate and acne all seem to say that they can not find any evidence.

Just because they say they can’t find any evidence doesn’t really have anything to do with the truth about healthy skin.

If you look at their website you will notice tons of ads trying to sell you skin medications.  All the medications in the world will never fix a faulty diet.

They are not interested in you finding the truth about how skin breakouts are caused by faulty diet.  They might be good liars, but they are not stupid.

Most of the people that write articles about “does chocolate cause acne” don’t really have any first hand knowledge of if chocolate causes acne or not.  They are just paid writers and are told what the name of the article should be, and to say that it doesn’t.

Myself on the other hand have years of personal experience keeping track of the foods that cause pimples on my body.  I have found that if I eat chocolate bars, I will break out with acne about two days later.

I don’t think it is the chocolate so much as the oils that are in the candy bars that cause the pimples and breakouts.

Notice I do not have any ads on this site.  I am here to spread truth, not add to the lies.