Halloween and sickness during Christmas and New Years

As I am writing this section of the book, it is Halloween, and my prediction is that within the next few weeks people will probably start getting sick. (Update: They did get sick – I am “proof reading” this book right now.)

The reason I think this will happen is because of all the candy that most people are binge eating tonight and all of the weeks to come, until their “white sugar” supply runs out.

Halloween is a very negative holiday on both the physical and mental aspects of health. What goes into your mind is eventually going to express itself in one way or another, whether in a dream or possibly in the real world.

Nobody likes nightmares, especially the real life ones. Who the heck invented such a horrible holiday that glorifies the horrific actions of some of the sick-minded population?

I would go into detail of all of the things it glorifies, but I don’t think it is good to even think of these negative things that Halloween celebrates.

Little kids are so impressionable and we should not be putting negative thoughts and images into their minds. Also, we know that eating mass quantities of candy is linked to all sorts of health problems and leads to food addiction, which can sometimes last a lifetime.

Healthy foods are not nearly as addictive. Have you ever heard of someone being addicted to carrots? What were the consequences? Clear skin?? Weight Loss??

Why are we doing this to our kids? I guess we just don’t realize what we are doing and the long-term consequences that we bring upon our children. Overall, Halloween causes much pain and suffering, mentally and physically.

Most people do it because “everybody else is doing it”, which is not the best policy for creating an ideal life.

Ideal is not average!!! If you want to be average just think like and act like the average population. Monkey see monkey do. If you look at the statistics, the average people aren’t doing to well. You don’t have to be a statistic!! But chances are, unless you change the way you think and eat, you will.

You see, at Halloween, the weather drastically gets colder fast during this time of year, and this can lower your body’s resistance to catching a cold. Your body is not used to the rapid change in temperature, and it temporarily “shocks” your body if you don’t dress properly.

Also all of the candy eaten at this time of year doesn’t have any fiber in it, which in turn can cause constipation. Also white sugar feeds yeast and germs, which results in rapidly multiplying germs, with plenty of “fuel”, and no way out.

So this means that almost all kids at school are full of sugar, probably constipated, low resistance to infection from running around Halloween night in the cold and eating candy. They are also around hundreds of other people, five days out of the week, while at school.

Then it’s kind of like a domino effect….

One kid at school starts sneezing, spreads all of their germs into the air, and everybody else is there, full of sugar, and have no choice but to breath in all the germs in the air.

When the germs come into contact with the sugars from the candy in your body, they start rapidly multiplying and taking over and invading your bodily systems. (Germs love sugar)

Next thing you know. Many people at school are sick, and then you have many people sneezing, and the process repeats itself over and over until most of the people at school are sick in one way or another.

Runny nose, cough, headache, gas pains, can’t sit still and focus because of the sugar high (aka: attention deficit disorder), and God forbid you disrupt the classroom to go to the bathroom to have diarrhea. Diarrhea is one of your body’s ways of trying to quickly get rid of the contents of your digestive tract, if it thinks it is best for the body.

Then the kids come home all sick, (the parents probably give them seven up and crackers = more sugar and no fiber) sneezing all over their parents, then the parents take the germs and candy to work, then they eat and sneeze at a restaurant and spread the germs to the restaurant employees, then the employees sneeze into all the food (you never see what goes on in that kitchen!!!) and spread the germs to everyone that eats there.

Fast food restaurants distribute the germs to the population as fast as they can drive through the drive through. If they order a soda or milkshake with their germs, its time for the germs to multiply and take over your body.

This process repeats itself over and over again until the entire population has the germs in their bodies. You can’t escape the germs no matter what, but you can avoid feeding them the foods they multiply on (sugar). You can also build your immune system to be stronger and more resistant to germs.