How to Never Get Sick Again by Teddy Grandy

How to never get sick again by Teddy Grandy.


To make a complex idea into a simple formula, takes a lot of work. So here is the basic formula. Stop eating all starches, Dairy, un-natural food ingredients, and then go on the secret diet book program.


If you don’t ever want to get sick again then you need to study what people do that never get sick.


I never get sick ever. Even when other people are sick and sneezing and coughing and throwing up I remain steady in my health and full of energy.


How to never get sick again by Teddy Grandy is an article that I’m writing right now. However I’ll probably put out a companion book for the secret diet book entitled how to never get sick again by Teddy Grandy. I will also be putting out a recipe book called fake chocolate cake. Fake chocolate cake by Teddy Grandy is on the verge of being published.


One thing that you need to know is that all of these books that I’m writing are basically the same information that is presented in the secret diet book.


How to never get sick again by Teddy Grandy is a book that will come out soon. Also fake chocolate cake by Teddy Grandy is a recipe book that I’m almost about to publish.


There’s also a link to the Essene gospel of peace which is Jesus healing people with natural methods.


If you want to get on the fast track to health and reverse health problems as quickly as possible, you will download the secret diet book for free and start reading it today.


We could call my book all kinds of different titles how to never get sick again by Teddy Grandy, fake chocolate cake by Teddy Grandy, the digestive chemistry diet by Teddy Grandy, are all valid titles for this information.


I did not invent this information I just researched the hell out of this information and tested it for the last 10 years. One woman lost 80 pounds with no exercise. She was losing a steady 3 pounds per week without any kind of restriction on food amount, or should I say food volume.


How to never get sick again is very easy. This is the simple formula to get started. If you want to reverse major health problems as fast as possible you need to go on a very strict diet eating mostly salads and smoothies. This will also mean that you will not be eating any starches or dairy. This will also mean that you will be eating vitamin C ascorbic acid. The reason for this is that vitamin C is a great electron donor which neutralizes free radicals. It is also very acidic which is the thing that kills germs. If your stomach is really acidic Karma and acid kills germs, then that theoretically means that you can eat germs and they will not be able to live in your stomach.


One thing that I would like to mention is that eating antacids like Rolaids and Tums, will reduce your stomach acid, which will in turn let germs be able to flourish and take over your gut.


You’re not necessarily using the vitamin C for the Vitamin effect but for taking the electron, and using it for the acidic properties of killing germs.


Once you’re on this diet for about a month and you are strict, you will find that you will never be sick again.


You also want to be taking raw wheat grass juice powder. The reason for this is that it contains all the minerals and nutrients that we need to survive and reproduce.


We are superior to cows so we can live on this grass also. We will be taking it to make sure that we have all the micro nutrients and minerals from the ground in a Pure Source of sunlight energy converted into food.


If you look at pictures of kirlian Photography you will see that all plants and living things have an aura. Even non-living things have an aura.


Type in kirlian photography in to Google image search and you will see the difference between organic foods and non-organic Foods. You will see that the organic foods have a lot more energy in them. So your body will take on this energy. Do you want to be full of energy or not.


If you want to be full of energy you need to eat foods that are full of energy. Most people are eating dead processed foods. It Is not necessarily the processing which makes someverything foodsbad but the fact that they are the wrong source to start with. Everyone knows that GMO is less Superior to raw organic.


Anyway to keep this article kind of short and not be too redundant simply download the secret diet book, and you will never get sick again.