Personal Trainer and still no results?

Are you sick and tired of training at the gym all the time and not losing any weight at all?

“I have been going to the same gym for the last 7 years, and everyone there looks just about the same as they did 7 years ago.”

Even after you thought you did everything right at the gym you are probably not eating in a way that is going to make you heal your body and lose weight.

I will tell you that you will probably never see any results unless you magically stumble into eating in exactly the right way.  With all the Dis-Information on the web and in magazines in today’s times you would have better chances of finding a hundred dollars on the ground walking to the gym on a windy day in December.

You see if you follow the advice of your personal trainer, and eat the way your trainer eats, then you will also have to also do the same Volume of Training.  So unless you are going to be training over an hour every day, then you might want to listen to what I have to say here.

If you simply trust me and realize that what I am presenting to you today is the truth, then you might quickly be on your way to rapid weight loss.

One girl lost 60 pounds in 20 weeks eating by my recommendations.

You see, this was before I got certified as a Certified Personal Trainer by The National Academy of Sports Medicine.  This was before I got certified as Fitness Nutrition Specialist.

Since I already knew the truth, and since I had already tried eating the way most “Personal Trainers” recommend, and it make be bloated and sick with smelly gas, then I was not brainwashed.  I know B.S when I smell it.

You will never find a Personal Trainer except Myself that will recommend that you don’t take protein powders.  If you want to lose weight I do not recommend it.  If you don’t want digestive problems, I do not recommend it.

The reason that I do not recommend it is because I do not work in a gym.  I do not think it is healthy and I won’t get fired if I don’t meet the sales quota of selling supplements.

“Personal Trainers” that work in a gym would instantly get fired if they were to even think of saying what I am telling you here.  Trust me.

In my early career as a Personal Trainer I applied to a few gyms.  The main focus of the interview was “How good are you at sales???”  Same story every gym.

It really pissed me off that not a single person asked me if I was any good at getting people results.

Right off the bat I said to myself this is not for me.  I am not going to be forced into selling people supplements that I honestly don’t recommend.

Anyway,  If you want to finally know the truth about how to lose weight consistently, while eating tons of food, then simply listen to what I have to say. Trust me.

My website is based on Truth.  Aren’t you ready for it?  Or are you going to ignore my advice and continue to be tricked by the “Mainstream”?

The choice is up to you now.  Have Faith and Trust?  Or continue to be a “Sheep”..