Rapid Weight Loss Diet Plan

This “Rapid Weight Loss Diet Plan” cleans your digestive system and gets you on the fast track to feeling like a teenager again.

One of the main reasons that people start gaining weight after their teens is because their digestive system gets clogged.

The Secret Diet Book explains the way to change your life forever.  This rapid weight loss diet plan is different because it lets you actually eat until you are stuffed.

The reason you can stuff yourself and the reason you want to at first is because of the law of displacement.  This is the healthy wy to get all the junk out.

One simple thing that you can do to start losing weight and cleaning out your digestive system is to start eating more carrots and lettuce.

These foods are very low in fat, sugar, and calories.  They will fill you up without clogging you up.

It is very important that your rapid weight loss plan does not include any wheat products.  Most wheat products like bread and pasta contain gluten.

Gluten is like glue that clogs up the filter in your intestines that is supposed to be soaking up nutrients.  If the tiny holes that are supposed to be soaking up nutrients are all stopped up and clogged with gluten, then you will not be getting the nutrients your body needs.

If you want to get slim, then you need to cut out the bread.  Bread is not a food that your body needs in order to live.  Yes, I understand that you might have been eating it your whole life, but that is not a good reason to keep eating it.

The Secret Diet Book has many phases of the program.  Certain phases are designed for rapid weight loss.  The first phase of the program is designed to rapidly displace all the clogging foods you might have been eating.

Just about any person that has been eating the standard american diet, will usually lose about 20 to 30 pounds of “Stuck Food” in about one month.

Another reason that your rapid weight loss diet plan should not include bread, is that if you are taking Vitamin C, the Vitamin C will make the bread not digest.

The enzyme that digests the bread is destroyed by acid. Vitamin C is acidic.  Ascorbic acid is the form of Vitamin C that is the most beneficial type that donates electrons to neutralize “Free Radicals” in the body.

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant. Bread is not.

Another thing that your rapid weight loss diet plan should factor in, is that certain foods eaten at the same time will cause a digestive conflict similar to the “Bread and Vitamin C” conflict that I mentioned above.

The Secret Diet Book contains many “Food Combining Charts” to help you design meals that are “Properly Combined” so that your stomach feels good after the meal.

This will also make you digest your food more efficiently and avoid digestive problems like Gas, Bloating, Heartburn and Acid Reflux.

I have been researching food and nutrition for over 13 years now and have found that The Secret Diet Book is the best Rapid Weight Loss Diet Plan created.

Right now you have a choice.  You can go get your credit card out and download The Secret Diet Book and put to use this diet plan that I have been testing and perfecting over the last 13 years, put it into action, and get the results you want really fast, or you can spend 3 years of research and trial and error and figure it out on your own.

This moment can be the turning point in your life. A fork in the road.  This time next year will you be in your new body and any helth problems corrected, or will you still be eating the same stuff researching  how to reach your goals.

This diet book is not typical and you will be hard pressed to find a diet program anything like it on the bookshelves today.  This is because the words I speak are true and I am trying to help you, and not help the food corporations keep you fat and sick with all of their mis-information and lies about health and fitness.

I Have discovered the truth about health and fitness and I will share it with you if you only let me.  I am also available if you would like to talk to me on the phone.  My Phone number is in the book.  I am truly here to help you and I know what I am talking about.

I even helped one girl lose 60 pounds in only 20 weeks on this rapid weight loss diet plan that I developed