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“Does Chocolate Cause Acne” and why

Does chocolate cause acne?

Chocolate? What is Chocolate? When we think of chocolate we think of chocolate bars.

The ingredients in chocolate bars are way more than just chocolate.  Many of them contain sugar and milk fats and many other ingredients.

So if we ask the question does chocolate cause acne, the short answer and the truthful answer from myself after years of trial and error and looking for patterns to see if chocolate causes acne on myself, I would tell you that if you found this page and are reading it right now, you must have done enough research and know intuitively that chocolate is making you break out.

The answer is, is that chocolate is most definitely making you break out.  If I eat chocolate bars I will break out within a few days.  However, if I eat raw chocolate cacao nibs I don’t break out.

So to make it clear, I am telling you that it is probably the other ingredients, specifically the type of oil that they put in it that is actually causing the acne breakouts.  On me “chocolate bars” make me break out on my forehead.

You have probably read in a million places that chocolate does not cause acne, but I then ask you a very serious and logical question.

Is the source of the info credible and trustworthy and/or competent??

Are there a million ads on their website trying to make commissions on selling you acne medication that will eventually screw you up in the long run?

You see over 90 percent of the info on health and fitness that you are going to read is complete nonsense written to baffle and confuse the masses of the public into eating themselves into some sort of health problem leading to disease if left uncorrected.

Acne drugs will only damage your body.  The only way to get rid of acne is to eliminate the “foods that cause acne”.  This information will probably take you at least 4 years of trial and error and researching until your eyes are burning countless nights year after year to find out on your own.  And I have actually never heard of anyone doing except for yours truly.

Yes.  I am bold enough to say that I have proprietary information on what actually causes acne.

Most people ignore what I have to say and will never find the truth about acne.

Or you can trust that the info I am telling you is the truth and trust me and download this book that I have written. It will set you on the right path to get rid of acne and other health problems and eat the foods that agree with your genetics, then you wont break out!

This book that I have written will be ignored by most people. These same people will eventually get some sort of health problem and they will get sicker.  Then probably turn to drugs to mask the symptom, while getting sicker and more and more unhealthy on the inside.  This is what most people do.

This is not the choice you want to make.  The correct choice is to listen to what I have to say because my information is grounded in truth.  The truth about health and fitness and especially acne and its causes is very very buried on purpose by evil greedy people pushing drugs and poisonous food.

So I am going to quit rambling about what you probably already know by now, so now get on with reading my book and simply try to eat the way that I am presenting to you.  It fixed my health problems.  What do you have to lose? Nothing.  What do you have to gain?  Everything.  TRUTH!!