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ingredients for the vegan milk

Vegan Milk Recipe

Taste better than Cow milk to me. Water and a small handful cashews and pecans and 3 or 4 majool dates and real vanilla extract. I left the cocoa out this time.

Blend well. No cows involved. There will be a layer of foam and fiber on top.. I use a straw to drink from the middle portion of the jar

Tofu Dish

Tofu Marinara Lettuce Meal

Marinara from a jar.. I put on the stove.. added extra virgin olive oil. Extra virgin Coconut oil. Garlic powder. Dried basil. Fresh green peppers. Fresh carrots. Frozen green beans. Pink salt… added extra firm tofu..

Then I made a dressing that tastes similar to blue cheese but it has no cheese.. the “cheese like” flavor comes from finely chopped sunflower seeds soaked in raw apple cider vinegar for a while.. 

Then I added regular mayo. Dill weed. Pink salt. Water. 

Then I squeezed some fresh lemons.. I put 4 ounces raw lemon juice and 6 ounces honey.. dissolved it in a pitcher of water and added ice.. REAL GOOD..

Then I took marinara concoction and put it on the super green ends of the lettuce while it was hot.. tasted like pasta but it was just lettuce..

Then I took the crispy part of the lettuce and dipped it in the dressing..

Chased it with some lemonade..

I like the combination and my stomach feels fine..

Good breakfast for me..

The Secret Diet Book Bison Vegetable Soup

The Secret Diet Book Bison Vegetable Soup

My Soup of the Day.. First I put about 2 liter of water in the stainless steel pot. Then I put it on high to try and get it close to boiling. I then put in the frozen collard greens (about a half a pack or so).

Then I added the other frozen Veggie mix. The mix had Carrots, Corn, Peas. Then I added a frozen Gumbo Veggie mix that had Peppers, Onion, Okra, and stuff. I forget the exact ingredients..

Then another mix that had stuff like Corn, Green Beans, Peas, Carrots, and stuff. Once that is boiling I added a can of Crushed Tomatoes.

Handful of shredded Cabbage…

Then I added the Herbs and Spices. First I added a half a head or bulb of fresh garlic. I chopped it up real good.

Then I used Italian Herbs. Oregano, Rosemary, Thyme, and others.

I turned the heat on the electric stove to the low low. While it is simmering I took a pound of Ground Bison and started adding chunks and letting them sit on top.

I then topped the 4 liter stainless off with water to the top.. Then I let it simmer for about an hour.

Then I dumped it in the crock pot on High and set the timer for a couple hours. On the high or low setting the Temperature will eventually reach about 210 Degrees Fahrenheit.

It will hold this temp on low or high. Low simply takes longer to reach that point.

So this is why I get the soup to a simmer on the stove first. Once it is simmering it is fine to go ahead and stick it in the Crock Pot.

So i simmer it for a few hours to get the veggies tender. Then once it is good consistency i add the Pink Salt and the Oils.

Weight Loss Soup

I added about a Quarter Cup of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and also the same amount of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. Also I did not drain the fat from the Bison Fat.

So the soup has a mix of at least 3 sources of fat. I then added a half a cup of Flax Seed Meal. Also a tablespoon of Chia Seeds. I did this to make it a little thicker and also add some nutrients..

The warm setting on the Crock Pot holds a temperature of 140 degrees. 140 is the temp that hot food needs to be at or higher to keep good.

Note.. with a digital thermometer… i found the top layer of the soup was lower than 140.. this was after being on warm for about 7 hours..

so its not 100 fool proof.. it might simply need to be stirred and put back on high for 30 minutes every few hours to keep it all above 140..

Hot food danger zone is 140 to 40. So keep it hot or keep it cold.. just don’t keep in the danger zone.. at 140 or higher the soup is fine for serving all day..

140 is also a good temp that i like to eat my soup… too much hotter burns my mouth… 140 to 145 is just right..

I put too much salt so I simply keep watering it down. When eating a salty soup i make sure to drink plenty of fluids so the salt doesn’t suck the water from my body.

I make it salty so it adds electrolytes to my body to help me get hydrated. Water alone will not hydrate a human.

Water alone can actually make dehydration get worse sometimes because it flushes out too many Electrolytes..

I ate my salty soup with 100 Percent watered down grape juice. Sugars are also one of the things that helps to rehydrate after getting severely dehydrated.

The other day i was severely dehydrated and ate a similar soup and juice about every hour of the day. I ate about 10 times throughout the day and did this for a couple days.

I am finally hydrated good.

I did a lot of research to develop my method. It worked for me and I feel good again.

Have a Great Day.

“Why do protein shakes make me sick?”

Your body stores excess acids in fat cells to protect your organs.  Whey makes you more acidic.  Your body doesn’t digest the powdered overdose because it interprets it as “too much” and it doesn’t need it…

About ten years ago I asked myself “Why do protein shakes make me sick?”.  I was trying to gain weight and build muscle and so I was following the advice found in most of the bodybuilding magazines I was reading at the time.  So of course I went out and bought one of those huge containers of Protein shake powder.

But shortly after drinking the protein shake I started to feel sick to my stomach. Then I had lots of bloating and gas.  The next day I kept asking myself “Why do protein shakes make me sick?”

I got on the web to see what I could find.  I started doing some research just like you are doing . I stumbled onto a few websites that were talking about protein shakes and getting sick shortly after with gas. I found that people only need a certain amount of protein, and that it really isn’t that much.

“Why do protein shakes make me sick?”

This is the search phrase that I typed into the search bar.  It was crazy.  The number of people that were out there on the internet asking and talking about the exact same question that I had. “Why do protein shakes make me sick?”.  It seemed like almost everyone is getting sick after eating protein shakes.

I looked around the web and did some more research about proper nutrition.  I had found that eating any more protein than the body needs is simply overdosing the digestive system with protein.

Most people get more than enough protein from their diet. This is without adding any whey protein powders.  Protein powder didn’t even exist in the ancient world.  It looks like all animals and people survived without any protein powder.

Why does the majority of people somehow believe that protein shakes are good for you?  The answer is that there are a lot of false prophets in the health and fitness industry.

Through creative marketing efforts by companies that make these supplements first running ads in bodybuilding magazines over the years so long that people actually start to think that they need more protein.  This is only hype!  Don’t believe the Hype!

Even before finding the answer to why the protein shakes were causing gas and bloating and rotten smelling bathroom breaks, I immediately quit drinking them.

They were making me so sick that I sealed the lid on tight and simply put it at the back of the cabinet to eventually throw away.

Are you also wondering “Why do protein shakes make me sick?” I would guess so if you are reading this website right now.  Well I can tell you that if any of the food you are eating is making you sick then you have stumbled into the exact place that you will quickly gain the answers you your questions about digestive problems.

First of all I suggest that if protein shakes are making you feel horrible and sick, that you do as I did and put a lid on the protein powder and read everything I have to say about proper nutrition and health.

Quit taking this powdered overdose of unnecessary foolishness.  You know it makes you feel bad, I know because it makes me feel horrible.

Stomach cramps, diarrhea, Tons of gas, bloating.

It is kind of scary if you don’t know that it is the protein shake that is causing all of the digestive problems.

You are thinking “What the hell happened to my digestive system?” “Why do protein shakes make me sick?” “How do I get back my health as I once knew?” “I used to have a calm stomach when I was younger. What changed?”

And not to mention the foul smell in the bathroom.  Are you kidding me?  And don’t even think about using your friends bathroom at their house.  Forget it!  You know that there is no bathroom fan that moves enough air fast enough to get rid of that sulfur, “rotten egg “smell. It will never smell good enough in there once you leave to ever look into your friends eyes ever again.

You have to realize that most of the health info published is Fake.  Its Hollywood Magic Hype!  Its not in your best interest to believe barely any of it.  That might be a slight exaggeration but not really.  You know intuitively you know that your body is not designed by evolution to eat refined foods.

Whey Powders are definitely refined.  Whey is a very common ingredient in most of the powders.  Most Powders also contain lots of sugar. This is to add calories for gaining weight.  So its not the whey powder you really need if you are trying to gain muscle.  You need a surplus of calories.

Adding more good fats and good sugars would be more helpful than adding whey.  I eat a mixture of Raw almond butter. Raw unfiltered honey, and sea salt or pink Himalayan salt to add calories.  This mixture is raw, it contains carbohydrates in the form of natural sugars that are easy to digest.

It also contains a nice amount of plant sourced protein.  I know that technically it breaks the food combining rules a little.  The thing that I have found is that there are many exceptions to the rules.

If the foods don’t rot on the shelf un refrigerated in your house, and if you eat only foods that are good for you in a raw state, then the chances that the foods will digest before they rot on your insides increases greatly.

The basic food combining rules state that when you eat sugar, your body will halt digestion on everything else and use the sugar first.  If we have a lot of flesh protein in our digestive system then the flesh might start to rot before it is digested.  But in this mixture of raw almond butter and raw honey, neither one of these foods rot very easily.

Can you imagine the difference between a person that is eating tons of flesh.  Then if you put bread into the picture, then you have a digestive conflict depleting your digestive fluids and enzymes.  This flesh starts to rot.  Add constipation from eating pizza.  Bread and cheese is the most constipating food combination on the planet as far as I am concerned.

Then throw some whey into the picture.  Digestion is already overloaded and clogged so it doesn’t need to deal with more rot prone foods being flooded into the system.

If you do this you will soon be asking yourself “Why do protein shakes make me sick?”

Eating bad food combinations

…always lead to bloating and gas.  Look at the food combining chart in the secret diet book.  Also unless your body is in need of extra calories, then calorie overdosing leads to weight gain.  So unless you want to gain weight then whey is in my opinion one of the worst so called “health foods”

Whey is not a health food.

Any food that makes most people feel physically sick after ingesting is clearly not a health food.  I am almost 100 percent sure it is not helping to make you alkaline.  It is making you acidic which will make it very difficult for you to lose weight without exercise which I thoroughly explain in The Secret Diet Book.

The main reasons for weight gain is from our bodies becoming too acidic and not eating enough alkaline forming foods to neutralize the acids.

Your body stores excess acids in fat cells to protect your organs.

Protein in general makes you acidic. Sugar most definitely makes you acidic and leads to yeast overgrowth and tooth decay and cavities.

“Why do protein shakes make me sick?” They make me sick because they are not healthy for me to be eating. There are tons of commercials for foods and drugs that will make us sick. That does not mean that we need to buy them so they can make us sick.

No one is going to do the research for you. You must find your own truth. Keep a food journal and if a food makes you feel anything other than super great, then put it on your “do not eat list”.

Food combinations that makes you sick with acid reflux and gas, put that in your notebook and keep track of all these things that make you feel bad.  I suggest you leverage all of the time I have spent in the last 10 years using the food combining principles.

Also there have been many times that I have not stuck to the plan very well and it always leads me into sickness.  Don’t waste years of your life trying to figure it out on your own as I have done.

Read “The Secret Diet Book” (it is very cheap right now) and be on your way to feeling great in only a few days.  It is a short read. I have a longer version of my book with lots more info, but if you can’t spend the time to do the things presented in the secret diet book, then more info will only add to the problem of information overload.

Want to Lose weight? Forget the shakes. Who needs them. Not Me! Zip over to the secret diet book home page to learn about proper food combining principles.

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