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The Secret Diet Book Bison Vegetable Soup

The Secret Diet Book Bison Vegetable Soup

My Soup of the Day.. First I put about 2 liter of water in the stainless steel pot. Then I put it on high to try and get it close to boiling. I then put in the frozen collard greens (about a half a pack or so).

Then I added the other frozen Veggie mix. The mix had Carrots, Corn, Peas. Then I added a frozen Gumbo Veggie mix that had Peppers, Onion, Okra, and stuff. I forget the exact ingredients..

Then another mix that had stuff like Corn, Green Beans, Peas, Carrots, and stuff. Once that is boiling I added a can of Crushed Tomatoes.

Handful of shredded Cabbage…

Then I added the Herbs and Spices. First I added a half a head or bulb of fresh garlic. I chopped it up real good.

Then I used Italian Herbs. Oregano, Rosemary, Thyme, and others.

I turned the heat on the electric stove to the low low. While it is simmering I took a pound of Ground Bison and started adding chunks and letting them sit on top.

I then topped the 4 liter stainless off with water to the top.. Then I let it simmer for about an hour.

Then I dumped it in the crock pot on High and set the timer for a couple hours. On the high or low setting the Temperature will eventually reach about 210 Degrees Fahrenheit.

It will hold this temp on low or high. Low simply takes longer to reach that point.

So this is why I get the soup to a simmer on the stove first. Once it is simmering it is fine to go ahead and stick it in the Crock Pot.

So i simmer it for a few hours to get the veggies tender. Then once it is good consistency i add the Pink Salt and the Oils.

Weight Loss Soup

I added about a Quarter Cup of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and also the same amount of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. Also I did not drain the fat from the Bison Fat.

So the soup has a mix of at least 3 sources of fat. I then added a half a cup of Flax Seed Meal. Also a tablespoon of Chia Seeds. I did this to make it a little thicker and also add some nutrients..

The warm setting on the Crock Pot holds a temperature of 140 degrees. 140 is the temp that hot food needs to be at or higher to keep good.

Note.. with a digital thermometer… i found the top layer of the soup was lower than 140.. this was after being on warm for about 7 hours..

so its not 100 fool proof.. it might simply need to be stirred and put back on high for 30 minutes every few hours to keep it all above 140..

Hot food danger zone is 140 to 40. So keep it hot or keep it cold.. just don’t keep in the danger zone.. at 140 or higher the soup is fine for serving all day..

140 is also a good temp that i like to eat my soup… too much hotter burns my mouth… 140 to 145 is just right..

I put too much salt so I simply keep watering it down. When eating a salty soup i make sure to drink plenty of fluids so the salt doesn’t suck the water from my body.

I make it salty so it adds electrolytes to my body to help me get hydrated. Water alone will not hydrate a human.

Water alone can actually make dehydration get worse sometimes because it flushes out too many Electrolytes..

I ate my salty soup with 100 Percent watered down grape juice. Sugars are also one of the things that helps to rehydrate after getting severely dehydrated.

The other day i was severely dehydrated and ate a similar soup and juice about every hour of the day. I ate about 10 times throughout the day and did this for a couple days.

I am finally hydrated good.

I did a lot of research to develop my method. It worked for me and I feel good again.

Have a Great Day.