The Secret Action steps for rapid weight loss

Action steps for rapid weight loss: A few of these steps might not be what you want to hear that you need to do, but you will get used to your new way of eating, I PROMISE, and also you do not have to eat like this forever, but at least you will know how to lose weight whenever you need to.

    1. Quit eating “glue foods” (FOODS THAT GET STUCK IN OUR DIGESTIVE TRACT)

    2. Follow the food combining principles charts

    3. Try to gravitate towards cutting out starches temporarily

    4. Try to gravitate away from meat temporarily

    5. Avoid milk and dairy products and cheese

    6. Stop eating pizza, pasta and sandwiches

    7. Stop eating most fast food items

    8. Stop drinking sodas and sweet tea – soda will pack on the pounds because they are full of calories and they make you very acidic.

    9. Drink water and fresh Raw juices (Carrot juice, Green leafy vegetable juice, Raw lemon juice, Raw orange juice, Raw grapefruit juice)– They will alkalize your body, and then the excess acids and toxins stored in the fat cells will be neutralized, and then the weight can come off without the acids and toxins being burned with the fat, which your body does not want to do because it is not healthy to burn toxic or acidic fat, so it just holds on to the fat until the right nutrients are available. Follow the food combining principles with your juices also. However, I have added raw vegetable juice and raw fruit juice together without too many problems.

    10. You must alkalize your body to lose weight without exercise. Refer to the “alkaline ash charts” and eat as many alkaline forming foods as possible, and avoid “acid forming foods” as much as possible until the weight comes off. This is key to remember.


  1. Try to stay in the vegetarian salad and smoothie phases of the program as much as possible for super rapid weight loss.

  2. Remember: follow the “food combining principles”, and “Alkaline Ash charts”

  3. Get rid of constipation.

  4. Follow the rest of the dietary guidelines and healing tactics throughout this book.

Pizza is known to be a major cause of constipation. If we become constipation and continually drink a lot of sugary sodas then one of the ways your body might deal with the extra calories is to store them as body fat.

If you do not eat foods that cause constipation your body will simply expel the extra calories.