The Secret Diet Book Table of Contents (Unabridged Version)

(The Secret Diet Book Unabridged Version)

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Table of contents

How to use this book.. 5

Very lengthy Introduction.. 6

I thank God for pointing me in the right direction. 7

Obtaining a vibrant sense of well being.. 7

The reason that I’m writing this book.. 8

Information overload.. 8

A proven plan.. 9

Confusion.. 10

Propaganda.. 10

Truth education.. 11

All the answers. 11

The reason I started studying health.. 11

Why are we sick.. 12

One song.. 13

Make this world a better place. 13

The blind leading the blind is not good.. 13

Ancient wisdom.. 14

The lost teachings of Jesus. 14

Health problems can be reversed.. 15

How to use this book.. 16

Reason I started studying health.. 17

I was working construction.. 17

What drove me to develop my “new energy theory diet plan”? . 17

What I was eating before my new diet. 18

There was nothing I would not eat. 18

Back to the construction site. 19

My acne was destroying my social life. 19

What the hell is wrong with my skin?. 19

Conflicting information.. 19

My long search for the truth.. 20

Fit in with the crowd?. 20

Resilient body. 21

I just don’t get sick anymore unless….. 21

Specific health problems I fixed on myself. 22

Weight loss without exercise. 22

The reason why we gain weight. 23

Storing toxins and Excess Acids in our fat cells. 23

Overloaded and clogged up digestive tract. 23

Constipation.. 25

Constipation can lead to many health problems: 25

Causes of constipation: 25

How to avoid constipation: 26

Oil ratio.. 26

Foods that can cause constipation.. 27

Acne. 27

My acne story. 27

Your skin is an eliminatory organ.. 28

Cause of acne. 28

Acne is a sign.. 29

How we deal with toxins. 30

You must keep a food journal to fix acne. 30

Spices. 30

Table salt. 31

Food allergies/intolerance can definitely cause acne. 32

Toxic natural foods. 32

Foods that can cause acne. 32

Acne – Elimination type diet – EXACT STEPS.. 33

Just for reference– My acne diet evolution – I wrote this 3 years ago.. 37

Safe foods list. 37

These are foods that caused symptoms of acne. 38

Genetic ancestry. 39

Why cleansers don’t work.. 39

Moisturizing the skin.. 39

Shaving.. 40

Acid reflux (heartburn) 40

Additional Tactics that I use if my stomach starts to burn – exact steps. 41

Itchy skin.. 42

Colds and flu.. 42

Fever.. 43

Mucus. 43

Razor bumps. 43

Body odor.. 43

Diarrhea.. 44

Upset stomach.. 44

Athlete’s foot. 44

Gas pains. 44

Yeast overgrowth.. 45

Sugar feeds yeast and germs. 46

Expanding digestive tract. 46

Headaches. 47

Dehydration.. 47

Whole wheat pasta gave me a severe headache and very sleepy. 47

Chronic fatigue syndrome. 47

The diet program.. 48

Keeping a food journal. 48

What to record.. 48

Weekly and monthly trends. 49

The science of digestive chemistry. 49

Food combining principles. 49

Incompatible food combinations. 50

Separate your foods properly for Optimally Efficient Digestion.. 50

Rotting food residues. 50

Bad combinations. 51

Examples of bad food combinations: 51

Examples of good combinations: 53

Good examples of ok combinations: 53

Protein and starch combinations = bad combination.. 53

Sugars and starch combinations = bad combination .. 54

Acidic foods and starches = bad combination.. 55

If I break the food combining rules. 55

Food combining principles Summary. 55

Rotting food.. 56

Causes of Rotting foods: 56

Natural decomposers. 56

Rotten stuff smells rotten.. 57

Chewing your food into a liquid.. 57

Sharp foods. 58

Transition phase. 58

A Word About Detoxification Symptoms. 58

Transition diet overview – this is only the first step in changing your diet. 59

Transition diet exact steps. 60

Introduction To Advanced Cycling Through Phases. 63

Carbohydrate loading phases. 65

Liquid meal phases. 65

Raw Carrot juice phase. 66

Fruit smoothie phases. 67

Organic Raw orange juice Smoothie phase. 67

General fruit eating guidelines. 68

Starches and oils – phase. 68

Acidic Foods Phase. 69

Fiber.. 71

A little bit of oil. 71

Acid alkaline ash charts. 71

Blood type and genetics. 72

Proper fuel. 72

Meal timing.. 73

Digestive capacity. 73

Only eat to 80 percent full. Don’t clean your plate. 73

Raw food nutrients. 74

Cooking food.. 74

Fire. 74

Phytochemicals and protective nutrients. 74

We want to start flooding the body with living nutrients. 75

Juicers. 75

Leafy green vegetable juice. 76

Barley grass powder.. 76

Dehydrated Foods. 76

Raw Salads. 76

Celery. 76

Melons. 76

Healthy oils. 76

Transitioning to eating more Raw food nutrients. 77

The Vegetarian lifestyle. 77

The benefits of eating meat 77

The ultimate goal. 78

Cutting back on certain animal source foods. 78

Species specific unique diet” — Vegetarian animals vs. carnivores. 78

Humans – Vegetarian or not? Are we designed to eat plant foods best? And are certain meats actually needed for most people? 79

Every time I eat bad combinations it makes me feel bad. 81

Do we need Vitamin B-12 found in meat?. 82

Elimination cycles/patterns. 82

Halloween and its relation to sickness. 83

Recipes. 84

Hash browns – on occasion.. 85

Home made candy bars (in moderation) 85

Alkalizing orange drink.. 85

Simple salad snack.. 85

Lentil soup recipe .. 85

More Optional Ingredients. 86

Entry from my food diary – Pineapple smoothie and soup morning.. 88

Candy cranberry smoothie recipe . 90

Food journal entry – cranberry smoothie, salad and soup morning.. 90

Eat what your body craves. 91

Things to phase out and avoid.. 91

Some of the foods that make me feel the worst are: 91

Taste buds and artificial chemicals. 92

Sugar addiction.. 92

Sodas. 92

Milk is for babies only. 93

Addictive substances. 93

Pain pills. 94

Cigarettes. 95

Cheap beer and wine. 95

Caffeine. 95

Types Of Caffeine. 97

Alcohol. 97

Avoid Absorbing toxins through your lungs if possible. 98

Avoid Absorbing toxins through the skin.. 100

Most Shampoo is not good.. 101

Water quality. 102

Spring water.. 102

Filtered Tap water.. 102

Purified drinking water.. 103

Distilled water.. 103

Plastic in the water.. 103

Shower water filter.. 103

More Healing tactics. 103

Food displacement. 103

Shrinking your stomach.. 104

Probiotics. 104

The adrenaline response. 105

Vitamin C.. 106

My journal excerpt – Vitamin C day. 106

Vitamin C flush.. 107

I sliced my finger and fixed it with Vitamin C crystals. 108

Vitamin C: a powerful antibiotic.. 109

Esther C” Neutralized Accidentally Inhaled Insecticide Powder.. 110

What to do if you get bit by a fire ant: 110

Massive doses of Vitamin C.. 111

Vitamin C does not mix with starches. 111

Trial and error and putting the puzzle together 112

How to see for yourself the unstable properties of the Vitamin C.. 112

Lemon juice is similar to ascorbic acid in taste. 113

Sleep. 113

Steam Room Environment. 114

How I create this “Steam Room Environment” in the privacy of my own home. 114

Sunshine. 115

Sunshine and Vitamin C.. 116

Sunscreens 116

Healing sunburn.. 117

Excerpts From My Food Journal. 117

True hunger?. 118

Eating as entertainment. 118

Hunger pangs. 118

Mood swings. 118

Fasting.. 119

Half Day fasting phase. 119

Water Fasting.. 119

Breaking the fast. 120

Motivation.. 120

A few ways to stay motivated, and a few things to just make you think. 120

Steady improvements. 124

Focus on the benefits. 124

Stress. 125

Deep breathing.. 125

Negative people. 125

Emotions are contagious. 126

Neurolinguistic programming (NLP) 126

Visualization.. 127

Affirmations. 127

Positive suggestion.. 127

Faith.. 128

Breaking the rules of this program in moderation.. 129

Right now you have a choice.. 129

Make the right decision.. 129

Conclusion.. 131

Exercise program – introduction only. 132

Exercise is slightly damaging.. 132

Starting out slow.. 132

A gradual process. 132

Aerobics. 132

Appendix.. 133

Essene gospel of peace. 133

All Charts and diagrams to print out. 133

Substitution Food Chart. 133

All Types of Foods Chart. 133

Substitution Food Chart. 133

Acne Causing Food Chart. 133

Starches and vegetables food combining chart. 133

Meat and vegetables food combining chart. 134

Beans and vegetables food combining chart. 134

Acid fruit and sub-acid fruit food combining chart. 134

Sweet fruit and Sub-acid fruit food combining chart. 134

Neutral vegetables and oil food combining chart . 134

Alkaline/Acid Ash Chart – Fruits And Vegetables. 134

Alkaline/Acid Ash Chart – Other Foods. 134

Eliminate these foods first list: 134

Glue Foods List: 134

Best sources of fiber list. 135