The Secret L-Glutamine

L Glutamine is the most abundant free amino acid in the blood. It can cross the blood brain barrier. It can speed the time of wound healing. Bodybuilders use it to recover from workouts and to help build muscle quicker.

You can buy it in bulk from most health food stores. Many people state that they rarely get sick if they regularly supplement their diet with it. I myself notice that I don’t get sick while taking it. If I do get sick, it helps me to get well quicker. But it is very rare that I do get sick. I even live in Los Angeles with germs all over the place.

Other people are walking around scared wearing masks, but I know that by following the information in my book The Secret Diet Book: The Digestive Chemistry Diet, that my immune system is Strong enough to resist almost all disease.

I strongly recommend that you give it a read. It has changed my life and I am confident that this information will change your life as well. Why go through life suffering with an illness simply because of a lack of the truth about health and proper diet? I cant think of a good reason, can you? Already feel great? This Secret Diet that I developed will make you feel even better!