The Secret Reason People Gain Weight

The Secret Reason why we gain weight

Why do some people gain weight and some people don’t? It’s all about the way they eat. They have just stumbled into a way of eating that they probably learned from their parents or friends. It might seem like genetics, but it might be simply their eating habits.

When we study an overweight family we might be quick to judge and say that the weight gain is due to genetics. If we look closer we might find that the secret reason of the weight gain is their eating patterns.

The types of foods eaten on a daily basis turns into a family tradition. This “family tradition” of eating has been passed down through the generations. If the grandmother always feeds the young children a breakfast consisting of pancakes and sausage and bacon and eggs, every morning for years, then chances of the mother following in that tradition is very probable.

Then if the mother passes this tradition to the child then the tradition lives on and then if the whole family is overweight, then it seems like genetics, but it is only a tradition. If the mother drinks sodas and snacks on candybars all day, then this dietary habit will probably get passed to the child.

It is not all about self-control. It’s all about picking the right foods and digesting them properly so your body can satisfy its nutrient requirements. The secret to losing weight and getting your perfect health back lies in changing your dietary habits. Its all about picking the right foods, and eating them in a combination that digest efficiently. And doing it every day until your body adjust to the new way of eating and starts healing and detoxing acidic fat stores.

If you constantly deprive your body of a steady flow of the required nutrients it needs, your body thinks there is a food shortage. Your body does not like being deprived from essential nutrients. Your body then stores acids in the fat cells, while at the same time increasing cravings for anything and everything under the sun that is possibly edible, until it attains enough food to satisfy the required nutrients to keep things in balance.

If, on the other hand, the nutrients it needs is available all the time, your body will not object to losing extra body fat. There simply will be no need to store body fat. Your body will then automatically burn its own body fat for fuel once the acids stored in them have been neutralized and reach an ideal weight.

Nature always takes the path of least resistance. Your body does not want to carry around extra weight, and it will let go of any and all extra weight, if you follow this way of eatingĀ  I am recommending.

Storing toxins and Excess Acids in our fat cells

Our bodies do not store fat for the sole purpose of storing up energy for the future. One of the reasons that our bodies store fat, is because it is sometimes storing toxins and excess acids, so as to keep them away from the vital organs.

You see if our bodies can’t eliminate toxins efficiently, it will take the path of least resistance, and sometimes it is easier to store the toxins away and try to eliminate them later when we have the right nutrients to neutralize the toxins for safe elimination.

Other times, our bodies will send the toxins through your skin and cause a rash, or persistent acne. If you keep eating toxins, and you are slightly constipated, then you will probably gain weight and/or develop acne.

Your body can react to certain foods and chemicals like they are toxins. Just think of poisonous mushrooms or Poison Ivey. They look like food, but they act like poisons to your body. There are many foods that some people eat and they might be good for them, but another person might eat the same foods and those same foods can be perceived as toxins to the other persons body.

There are many things that you are probably eating that are not good for you if your health is not 100%.

Overloaded and clogged up digestive tract

Another reason we gain weight is simply that we have foods in our body that has not been eliminated yet, and this food is stuck in our digestive tract and it starts to ferment and rot. If someone is always passing smelly gas, then this is most definitely the case. The condition is usually totally reversible once the right eating patterns are adopted.

My body was once in that condition and now I have healed my body and reversed my health and my digestive system is now un-clogged and I have very little gas if any. My stomach is at ease and I feel good all of the time as long as I eat healthy most of the time the way that I have discovered.

One example of how we become clogged would be if we eat a lot of refined food in which the fiber has been taken out of it.

These foods do not move properly through the digestive tract because there is not enough fiber in them for your intestines to “grab onto”.

Fiber is what your intestines “grabs onto” to keep the food moving through the digestive tract.

Here is a metaphor: the food is like a suitcase and the fiber is like the handle. It is a lot easier to carry a suitcase when you have a handle to grab onto.

Foods like lettuce and carrots have plenty of the good fiber that your digestive tract uses to “keep things moving.”

Every day you should try to eat as much lettuce, spinach, and other leafy greens as possible.

These foods give your body the alkalinity it needs to neutralize the acids that are stored in your fat cells.

The Secret to losing weight without exercise is becoming alkaline by eating mostly the foods that make you alkaline, and cutting down on the foods that make you acidic.

If I go off of my diet and start eating bad foods, I always feel glued up. One time I went off of my diet on purpose simply to notice the difference.

I started eating too much meat, mayonnaise, pizza, and sandwiches, fast food all at the same time. I felt horrible. I felt sick.

Instead of going to the bathroom and only taking a minute to finish, I would be in there 5 min or longer.

It’s like I would go and then wipe, and then have to go l little more, then a minute later I would go a little more.

This would go on for 5 min or longer. Also instead of having to go two or three times per day, I would have to take a bunch of little ones up to seven times per day.

When I stick to my diet I feel ten times better and I go to the bathroom on a regular schedule. When I do I am finished within 60 seconds and use very little toilet paper.

You will notice that when you are on the proper diet your overall health will steadily improve to the point that most bodily pains will go away.

It’s just not worth it to eat bad meals. They taste good but they make me and most people feel bad even if they dont realize the reason they feel bad.

Most fast food also uses very cheap oils that are heavily refined and very difficult to digest.

Every time I eat something fried from a fast food place I always feel sluggish and sick. I feel like I have been food poisoned.

Before discovering and perfecting my diet a couple years ago, I always felt bad, I just though it was normal to feel like that my whole life. Now I know better.

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About the author:

His diet program is very effective for reversing many types of digestive problems, and regaining your health so as to “feel like a million bucks” again.

He is also a “Certified Personal Trainer” and “Fitness Nutrition Specialist”, by The National Academy of Sports Medicine.