odor from your armpits

Ways to Hide the Odor Coming From Your Armpits

It is so funny that some writers on the internet are recommending to shave your armpits to eliminate body odor. This is just one example of how much nonsense is on the web these days.

I really doubt that shaving will have any effect on body odor. There are two things that you need to do if you want to totally eliminate the odor coming from your armpits.

Number one is to remove the source of the odor at its root cause. The root cause of armpit odor is the foods that you are eating, and the condition of your digestive system.

Unless you are eating a diet that keeps your digestive system clean, then you probably have rotting food residue in your intestines that is adding a rotten smell to your body odor.

The second thing to do is to use an antiperspirant and not a deodorant. They are pretty much the same except an antiperspirant keeps you from sweating. Most antiperspirants however contain a controversial ingredient not found in deodorant.

Aluminum zirconium octachlorohydrex gly is an ingredient found in some antiperspirants. The antiperspirant that I use contains this ingredient. It works very well. Every day as soon as I get out of the shower I apply the antiperspirant.

I might mention that simply using deodorant will not help very much. Deodorant usually does not seal the pores to stop you from sweating from your armpits. It will not hide the odor coming from your armpits.

“Deoderant” will only add another smell to the odor from your armpits. It will be the same as adding perfume to something that stinks. You have to actually stop the smelly sweat from coming out in the first place.

Aluminum zirconium octachlorohydrex gly could possibly be toxic according to some sources so you have to choose if you want to stink, or if you want to risk using a potentially poisonous ingredient being on your skin.

Another way that you can greatly reduce body odor, so you won’t need to hide the odor that is coming from your armpits, is to simply reduce the odor that your armpit naturally gives off.

You see, the foods you eat and also rotting food residues that are in your intestines are going to affect the way your armpit smells. Certain foods especially onions are going to make you stink the very next day after you eat them.

If you eat onions every day, then it takes about a week after you stop eating them for the smell to get out of your system.

A long time ago I made this connection of how the armpits smell after eating certain foods. I found that onions, peppers, garlic, oregano, and almost all herbs and spices will make you smell like whatever it is.

But green peppers, garlic, and onions are the main foods to quit eating right away if you have bad body odor. So you want to remove the cause of the odor at the source. The source of the odor in your armpits is the foods and spices that you eat.

Many condiments use onion powder and garlic powder. Onion powder is used in ketchup and most barbeque sauce. So It might be hard for someone that is not very disciplined with their diet to avoid all sources of armpit odor, so at least do not eat fresh onions and peppers. These two foods are very strong.

Some people eat so many onions that when they walk in a room people start clearing out. The thing is, is that since they eat so many onions that they cannot smell themselves.

It is not until you are mostly odorless, that you then start to smell other peoples onion odor. Some people are addicted to onions. Onions can be addictive in my opinion, and that is one of the reasons that they are in so many recipes and put on your burger at almost every place that makes burgers. Think about it.

Also if the armpit odor smells rotten, then you also need to go on a special diet that cleanses your digestive tract by eating the proper types of high fiber foods that will scrape the rotting food residue out of your body.

If you are not rotten on the inside, then chances are that you will not smell like it on the outside.